I want to start by welcoming you to this wee website of mine, introduce myself and outline my plans for the blog with this first post.

My name’s Richard, an IT man by trade, and in August of 2020 I was diagnosed with cancer, one month later I started on the road of chemotherapy.

Recently I’d been struggling with things to do and as those who have experienced cancer will know, your mind can wander uncontrollably in all directions. At some point, I picked up my cancer treatment record and thought maybe I should start to fill some of it in. This sparked the idea that perhaps I could post my story online so why not have a go at a blog. I’ve nothing to lose.

With this website, I aim to share my full journey from my symptoms, or lack thereof, through my treatment and biologically willing my recovery. Along the way, I’ll be sharing my experiences, knowledge, and discussing all things cancer with the hope that it might help people to understand what it’s like to have cancer and help fellow Chemo Warriors who are battling it alongside.

Keep an eye on the home page for all my blog posts. I aim to post segments of my journey every other Sunday, but this is not set-in stone as alterations to my treatment may mean I am unable to write or post. I’ll also sporadically post about various topics to do with cancer, including care, treatment, recovery and the overall battle we face.

You’re invited to the Forums to share your own stories, advice, or questions regardless of whether you have had cancer or not. Perhaps you are a friend or carer to someone you know with cancer and wish to understand more. You can remain completely anonymous; you do not need to reveal your real name or any personal details. Unlike Facebook, you won’t have to prove who you are, and your privacy is fully respected!

Check the ‘About‘ page if you wish to know more about me.

This website is very much work in progress & I’ll be tweaking as I go.

My right to privacy & anonymity

Please respect my desire to remain anonymous during treatment, I wish to avoid any potential delays or complications to the whole process. I’m also not going to reveal the exact hospitals I am being treated at to avoid jeopardising the treatment for myself & everyone else, and certainly not bringing unwanted attention to the medical staff that work their socks off for us!


I must stress at no point is this blog intended as a replacement for any medical advice. You must always speak to your designated medical team if you have any issues.

Understand that my journey & treatment will differ from others with cancer, this is just one story, one experience, and does not in any way represent the only experience of cancer. For others with cancer, their experience may be worse, or it may be easier. We all respond differently & have different paths as set out by our medical team.


Thanks very much for taking the time to read this introduction and hope you stick around for my journey in the hope it can help just one other person. Let’s talk cancer!